You can find most of my projects on GitHub.

🦍 Gorilla 🦍

Stop monkeying around and write better scripts

Gorilla is a blazing fast, TypeScript build tool for creating better GreaseMonkey scripts. It handles the complex build chain, so you don't have to. Find it on NPM as gorilla-build.

🪨 Alexa Skill - My Pet Rock

In My Pet Rock, you get to take care of your own pet. Take your new pet on walks, play games with it, and feed it regularly, so that it grows big and strong! Your pet will grow up over time to learn more skills and tricks. Join nearly than 500,000 other people and see what it's all about!

📈 Alexa Skill - Interview Prep

Interview Prep is your one-stop skill to help you prepare for your next interview! It has hundreds of questions for a variety of different job types and areas of work. For best results, ask Interview Prep a few questions every day to prepare your answers. Consider answering directly into a mirror and focusing not only on your answer, but also your body language!

This skill was featured on LifeHacker!

🪄 Alexa Skill - Ancient Alchemy

In Ancient Alchemy, you take on the challenge of restoring the Library of Elements by finding recipes for all of the elements in the realm. As The Alchemist, you start by combining primitive elements and then continue to use your findings to make many more! This creative journey will immerse you in its world and challenge your abilities!